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Cork Jackets CD cover

Cork Jackets and Drill by the Cork Jacket Crew

Released September 2014

Item Number CJR001 Sorry, sold out

Cork Jackets and Drill, written by Southport-based playwright Len Pentin, tells the story, through original songs and narration, of the December 1886 lifeboat disaster which claimed the lives of almost all the crew members of the Southport and St Annes lifeboats.  Further information about the show can be found on the Cork Jackets and Drill website or Facebook page.

The Cork Jacket Crew are:

Len Pentin (writer, vocals, guitar), Pete Rimmer (vocals, guitar), Clive Pownceby (vocals, percussion), Chris Nelson (vocals, fiddle, viola, mandolin, shruti box), Siobhan Nelson (vocals) and Colin Wayte (narrator, vocal). 

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Early Birds cover image   Early Birds by Chris and Siobhan Nelson

Released September 2010

Item Number CSN004

TRACKS: Ratcliffe Highway (Trad.); The Early Birds (Geoff Parry/Chris Nelson); The Wife of the Soldier (Bertolt Brecht/Johnnie Scott); Ellen's Song (Ray Rooney); Four Hours' Work (Barry Wake); The Loyal Lover (Trad.); Katherine of Oregon (Al Stewart); The Bone Lace Weaver (Leonard Wheatcroft/Roy Harris); Scarecrow (John Tams); Stars Fall (Jennie Benford); New York Trader (Trad.); Not Lie Down (Dougie MacLean); This Stage of the Game (Geoff Parry/Siobhan Nelson/Chris Nelson); That's All (Steve Wold); Play the Hand (Barry Wake).

Guest musicians: Roger Gardiner (bass), Bill Hackney (harmonica), Abbie Lathe (harmony vocal on Play the Hand).

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Ebb and Flow cover image   Ebb and Flow by Nelsons Wake (Chris & Siobhan Nelson and Barry Wake)

Released February 2008

Item Number CSN003

TRACKS: Heartbeat of the Town; The Itchen Ferry Lad; Along the Way; Woolston's Pride; Mazey Days; A Drink Now and Then; The Morning Train; 15th April 1912; Soldier Boy; Raise a Banner; St.Crispin's Day; Living in a Shadow; Ebb and Flow; James and John; Close the Door (all songs written by Barry Wake).

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Day Has Dawned cover image   Day Has Dawned by Chris and Siobhan Nelson

Released June 2006

Item Number CSN002

TRACKS: The Climbing Boy (Barry Wake); Streets of Forbes (Trad.); False Knight on the Road (Trad.); Oregon (Tucker Zimmerman); Young Waters (Trad.); Purple, White & Green (Barry Wake); Mole in a Hole (Mike Waterson); Curlew (Abbie Lathe/Tony Poole); The Bold Dragoon (Trad.); Outside of the Inside (Richard Thompson); Rain and Snow (Trad./Mark Schatz); Rockin' Chair (Billy Mitchell/Vince Grey); Song of the Artesian Water (A.B. Patterson/Cathie O'Sullivan); City Lights (Barry Wake); Seventeen Cents (Jody Stecher); Chapel Streets (Barry Wake).

Guest musicians: Roger Gardiner (bass), Bill Hackney (harmonica), Pete Rimmer (guitar).

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Tomorrow's Sun cover image   Tomorrow's Sun by Chris and Siobhan Nelson

Released February 2004

Item Number CSN001      Not currently available 

TRACKS: Winter Song (Alan Hull); Winter Winds (Sandy Denny); If I Lose, Let Me Lose (Trad.); Saturday Rolling Around (Richard Thompson); Cherry Tree (Robert Buck/Natalie Merchant); The Mayflower (Barry Wake); United States of Mind (Alan Hull); Dr Syn (R.S. Kenward); Snow Falls (John Tams); The Widow Maker (Barry Wake); The Union/Titchfield Carnival/The Magic Fiddle (Chris Nelson); Time of No Reply (Nick Drake); For the Empire (Barry Wake); Daddy’s Gone to Knoxville (Mark Knopfler); With Me It Goes Deeper (Pete Atkin/Clive James); Tomorrow’s Sun/Battle of the Somme (Barry Wake/William Laurie).

Residents' Lounge cover image   Residents' Lounge (with fellow Residents of the Bothy Folk Club, Southport)

Released 2007

Item Number BOTHY01

Chris and Siobhan appear on Residents' Lounge, a CD featuring all the residents (in 2007) of the Bothy Folk Club in Southport. Most of the tracks on the album were recorded and produced by Chris and Siobhan.


Some of our albums are also available from CD Baby in the USA.

To buy from CD Baby and/or to hear clips from all the tracks, click on the album covers below:

Chris & Siobhan Nelson: Early Birds
Chris & Siobhan Nelson: Day Has Dawned
Nelsons Wake: Ebb and Flow


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